Nati Harnik, Associated Press
Warren Buffett

Josh Funk of the Associated Press writes that Warren Buffett is willing to match Republican members of Congress who will make contributions to the reduction of the incomprehensible national debt ("Buffett offers to match GOP debt-reducing gifts," Jan. 12).

I don't doubt that Buffett has made significant charitable contributions over the years. However, if he is sincere about participating with those he is challenging, and if he feels strongly that the "rich" should pay their "fair share," why is he just offering to match contributions of those of lesser means? He said he'd match one for one.

It seems to me Buffett ought to match based on net worth. If those challenged would give 1 percent of their net worth, then Mr. Buffett's "fair match" would be 1 percent of his net worth of $50 billion.

Stuart Curtis

South Jordan