First, let me say that I am a Ute fan. I attend every home football game and almost every away game as well. While on the road as a Ute fan I have always been asked, generally multiple times a day by opposing fans, the question, "What is a Ute?"

Well, as a man that holds degrees in both History and Anthropology from Brigham Young University and Weber State University respectively, I answer, "The Utes are a proud native tribe that once inhabited the Colorado Plateau and the Great Basin region of the American west." Furthermore, I always add, "The Ute tribe is the namesake for our great state."

On one occasion while in New Orleans, a high school teacher and Alabama fan responded with, "So Ute is the perfect nickname for your school." And I said that it is. It seems that the U. of U. has done more to promote the recognition of the Ute Tribe than any high school textbook. It is a one-of-a-kind nickname. How many owls, tigers, lions, bears and even cougars are out there? But there is only one Ute.

The Utes will never let go of the coolest logo in college football.

Mike Navidomskis