Recently, a YouTube video was posted documenting the struggles of a disabled woman in Salt Lake. Mandi and her 19-year-old daughter Courtney were having trouble making the payments on their home of 19 years. A concerned family friend thoughtfully went to work and produced a video to help save Mandi's house.

An account was set up at Granite Credit Union to collect donations to help pay Mandi's mortgage. After KSL aired Mandi's story, the community responded. Within a few short days, donations were rolling in. To date, donations ranging from $5 to $1,500 have been accepted from over 150 generous community members. A portion of the funds have been used to pay down the principle balance of Mandi's mortgage loan, while the remainder has been set aside to make regular monthly payments. This incredible compassion by the community will keep Mandi and Courtney in their home as Courtney develops a career to continue to support their family.

Granite Credit Union wishes to extend its sincere thanks to the kindhearted community members who gave so willingly to help another in need.

Garrett Laws and the employees of Granite Credit Union