SOUTH SALT LAKE — Utah-based Sorenson Forensics is designing and implementing the first professional law enforcement DNA laboratory in Nigeria.

A team of scientists will travel to the west African nation this month to oversee installation of genetic testing equipment at the new laboratory in Lagos, Nigeria.

"Most countries in Africa still do not yet have a forensics DNA lab. We helped establish the continent's first such lab a couple years ago in Senegal, and we are also working with some other countries in preliminary lab development projects," said Timothy D. Kupferschmid, executive director of Sorenson Forensics.

In addition to its international work with Nigeria and Senegal, Sorenson Forensics' Advanced DNA laboratory helped the Chechen government identify victims of the September 2004 terrorist attack on an elementary school, assisted the Thai government in identifying victims from 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and helped identify victims of a deadly plane crash in Libya in 2010.