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PROVO -- Everyday she's shufflin'.

She scoots. She slides. And she does it to the tune of LMFAO's summer hit, Party Rock Anthem.

This 90-year-old grandma is legally blind and hard of hearing, but is proving she can still shuffle with the best of them.

The red velour tracksuit and matching lipstick only add to the image.

This hip granny has been dancing for decades, and she isn't going to stop swiveling her hips and sashaying to the beat anytime soon; after all, you're never too old to have a good time.

"I'm going to dance to Party Rock Anthem," she says. "Here we go!"

Her grandson, who posted the video on YouTube, said she had never heard the song before and her party rocking was 100 percent improvised.

The improvisational sensation got the attention of the band itself with her sweet moves. LMFAO posted the video on their Facebook page and said, "Shout-out to THIS Party Rock Grandma!"

The video went viral, and after nearly 1.4 million views and with an upcoming appearance on NBC's Today Show, grandma is still shakin' her groove thang.

Enjoy her swagger.