Matt Powers , Deseret News
West Valley City's trash and recycling services now features a new fleet of 19 compressed natural gas trucks. The city and company showed off the trucks for the media Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011. Among many environmental benefits, CNG trucks can reduce carbon emissions by up to 80 percent for heavy duty vehicles.

I'd like to continue running compressed natural gas, or CNG, but it's getting increasingly hard. Gas is getting cheaper, and the price of CNG was just raised another 25 cents. it used to be 63 cents per gallon to fill up with CNG, now it's $1.50.

I tried to map out a way to drive my CNG van to southern Utah. I was told my van had a seven gallon tank when I bought it, but it really only takes four or four and a half gallons, so I can only safely go about 70 miles between fill-ups. It's 91 miles between CNG stations at one point between Salt Lake City and St George.

It's a real sacrifice to run CNG with the increased cost to purchase and maintain my van, loss of power, lousy range, always having to plan trips around the nearest CNG filling stations, etc.

I love that I'm not adding to our inversion haze by not polluting when I drive. I love that I'm buying my fuel from my local neighbors and not some government, and I love that I'm saving money. The increased price makes it very hard to stay enthusiastic about running CNG.

Cliff Harris