Current technology is outdating itself at an alarming rate. Why I say it is outdating itself is simple, it is because we are using those technologies that we have recently discovered to fuel new technologies. Meaning that fancy new plow to work your field is outdated in three months rather than 20 years.

This is causing us to be less attached to things and bringing about the end of sentimentality in the standard meaning of the word. This should make all of us afraid for the generation that is going to inherit the problems that the generation before them has created.

Honestly, this is nothing new. Take Rome for example. Rome's problems left the entire continent of Europe reeling in shock, which eventually led to the Dark Ages. In the Dark Ages, the average life span was so low that a nation could be at war for entire life spans. So in the end, do we really want to be teaching our children this lack of caring?

Ryley Liston