Matt Gillis , Deseret News
Representative Ken Sumsion puts up a flag at the Patrick Henry Caucus at Taylorsville Park in Salt Lake City Utah, Friday, June 4, 2010

Recent calls to change our caucus system following the ouster of Sen. Bob Bennett have me concerned, not because I have studied the system and firmly believe it to be the best around, but because of the rationale for the change.

According to Doug Wright and Mike Leavitt, our busy lifestyles and numerous other obligations make it too difficult for many to attend caucus meetings thereby losing the opportunity for our voices to be heard. However, those who have strong opinions somehow manage to schedule their lives to attend.

If the sacrifice of two hours of our time every two years is too great to be involved at the grassroots level of our government, then we deserve exactly whoever the caucus system/convention system delivers to us.

There may be a need for change. I don't know, but please let's not institute it because two hours every two years is too much to ask of the citizens of our state to be involved in the candidate selection process.

Ruth Merrill

Salt Lake City