The swing of another election year is upon us. A candidate is needed to rise and prove a challenge for our current president, who in all honesty has proven himself an ineffective leader as his policies have actually tanked this nation deeper into a hole. Of the Republican candidates remaining, let us take a look at their chances.

Jon Huntsman is an experienced politician, yet the people are not looking for a rational man like Huntsman. Newt Gingrich is showing his angry colors by calling for negative ads against him to be removed. Ron Paul is a grumpy, old man with ideas that would've been seen as good in the 1800s. Rick Santorum is an enigma, and the last enigma to run for president won in 2008. Rick Perry has become the poster child for foot-in-mouth disease.

The final candidate that is still standing is Mitt Romney. He has qualities that are needed for this country: Business experience that can help resolve a lot of this nation's financial problems, international capabilities that came from running the Olympics, knowing what can work after being governor of Massachusetts.

All in all, Mitt Romney is the best choice to have as the running Republican, and he might have the best chance to beat President Obama.

Eric Green