When the president elect is sworn in as the president, he or she promises to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Of the two major parties, Ron Paul is the only one prepared to do that.

As of 2010, in all of Congress, Paul has been the only one that has voted 100 percent in line with the Constitution, not just in 2010, but his entire tenure in Congress. He has never voted to raise taxes. He has never voted to raise the debt limit and has always voted in line to keep the budget balanced. Ron Paul's views on foreign policy are the same as George Washington's.

Paul is compared to President Thomas Jefferson because he knows the Constitution and will fight for it. Paul has submitted a plan to lower the national debt by $1 trillion in the first year, eliminate five unnecessary agencies from the bulging government and eventually phase out the Federal Reserve. He understands that the current fiat money system of Keynesian economics is inflationary and dangerous. Instead, Paul believes in Austrian economics, the practice that allows businesses and the true free market to self adjust and make corrections necessary to avoid inflation and recessions as well.

We owe it to ourselves and to our country to find out the candidates' views, what plans they have and whether those plans are specific and make sense or are just rhetoric.

Aland Kearl