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The Vicksburg Post, Elijah Baylis, Associated Press
In a Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2011 photo, Vicksburg National Military Park Superintendent Michael Madell, right, and Natural Resources program manager Virginia DuBowy inspect an area damaged by wild hogs in the VNMP.. According to Madell, there could be up to one dozen wild hogs on the 1,800 acres of the VNMP causing noticeable damage to the ground around several of the monuments. The VNMP is working with Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, (APHIS) an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture, to capture the animals using baited traps. Madell estimated that in the last two years 13 hogs have been trapped and put down.

Last year's flooding of the Mississippi River didn't do any direct damage to the site of one of the pivotal battles in the Civil War. It did bring in some undesirable neighbors.

Officials at Vicksburg National Military Park say a pack of feral hogs seeking higher ground have moved in.

They're rooting around in trenches and earthworks where thousands of Union and Confederate troops fought and died in 1863. The park's 1,370 monuments could be endangered.

Park superintendent Mike Madell says rangers have removed 11 hogs since they first appeared.

He thinks another dozen are on the loose. He's concerned they could undermine monuments and startle or injure the more than 1 million annual visitors to the park.