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H&H Photographers, Associated Press
In this Dec. 2003 photo provided to the Associated Press by H&H Photographers, Todd Remis is shown with his then-bride Milena Grzibovska of Latvia during their wedding at Castle-on-the Hudson in Tarrytown, N.Y. Remis, now divorced, sued H&H Photographers in 2009, saying the studio did a shoddy job of shooting the wedding and didn't make good on a promise to retouch the pictures; the studio says it stands by its work and offered to adjust the pictures.

It may come across as an extreme case of nuptial nostalgia: A now-divorced New York man saying a photography studio should pay to recreate his wedding to make up for what he considers flawed pictures and video.

But Todd Remis said Tuesday his lawsuit is about holding a business to a pledge, not holding onto a broken marriage.

Remis says in a statement provided to The Associated Press that the dispute's about what he calls H&H Photographers' "failure to deliver after a promise" to retouch the photos.

It's his first public response to a flurry of commentary on the case in recent months.

An owner says H&H offered to adjust the photos but didn't hear from Remis until he demanded a refund and interest about five years later.