Call to church ballers

The 4-11 Utes may have a place for you.

Basketball coach Larry Krystkowiak said last week he might hold open tryouts, in hopes of shoring up his injury-laden and talent-shy team.

"I'm not sure there's a couple of guys in the student body that wouldn't come on over and lend some help. When we're beat up, we need some more bodies to practice," he said.

Krystkowiak added, "I've got to imagine there's some good hoopers on intramural programs running around the state."

Wait. He's sayin' it isn't an intramural team?

Color blind

OK, that was harsh. The Utes played much better last week.

They even won on Thursday, when they staged a blackout game at the Huntsman Center.

Unfortunately, a half-capacity crowd of 8,412 attended.

Which raises the question: Why not have a red-out game and camouflage the empty seats?

Country strong

Rumor has it that Utah State University is considering revamping its athletics logo.

For a long time, one of the main images was an angry bull; no word on what the new one might be. A farmer with a grain stalk in his teeth?

Considering the 2011 football team had 10 games decided by a touchdown or less, a large question mark on the helmet might be just the ticket.


BYU fans screamed, stomped and celebrated way too much.

Though the outcome of the Cougars' 81-56 win over San Francisco had been long decided, students stayed to cheer madly for every basket on Saturday. The reason? They're fans, for one thing. Second, it was a frozen yogurt giveaway night.

With the Cougars scoring 80 points, ticket-holders qualified for a treat at Yogurtland.

Here's to things that makes people act a little silly and wild.

Frozen yogurt — the Mormon alcohol.

Eternal commitment

USF coach Rex Walters called several timeouts in the final moments of the loss, explaining afterward he did it because "I wanted to (tick) off all the people of the State of Utah."

Some speculated it was in response to BYU continuing to attack after the game had been decided.

Clearly, Walters has no experience with Mormons.

Didn't he know it's LDS doctrine to endure to the end?

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