Attorney General's office, Associated Press
In this June 20, 2011, photo released by Mexico's Attorney General's office, police investigators look at drums of precursor chemicals for methamphetamine that were seized in Queretaro, Mexico.

I plead for sanity and an end to the unwinnable war on drugs. This so-called "war" is funding the cartels and gangs, and their greatest nightmare is the legalization of drugs in the United States.

Keep all the drug laws we now have but have state-owned stores like liquor stores where addicts could buy a week's supply of drugs that do not lead to violent behavior. They would sign a legal waver and watch a three minute video about getting help for addiction.

The price would be kept at $5 to $10 (no need to steal and kill to get money for drugs), and it would be a major crime to sell a drug at a higher price than that of a state-operated store.

Such a system would not be perfect, but it would destroy the cartels and save the lives of countless innocent people.

Roger E. Carrier