Ravell Call, Deseret News
Natalie Morgan pulls down clock to adjust its time to daylight savings at Times Ticking in ZCMI Mall.

I have read various opinions about daylight saving time — should we keep it or eliminate the hassle? If most are like me, they really enjoy the extra hour of sleep we get in the fall and really dislike the hour we lose in the spring.

I propose we improve daylight saving time by almost always setting our clocks back an hour. More sleep, yay. Every leap year in the spring, we will have our clocks leap ahead seven hours making the year feel like a true leap year. The first couple of days following the leap, we will all be walking around a bit dazed. After that, we will be good for another four years with an extra hour of sleep each six months.

Just think, Utah can be the land of the midnight sun at some point in the cycle. At other times, the insomniacs can get up and work in their yard at 4 a.m. in the sunlight.

Jim Low

Cedar Hills