Charles Krupa, Associated Press
Republican presidential candidate, Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas gestures during a campaign rally in Nashua, N.H., Friday Jan. 6, 2012.

GALVESTON, Texas — An Army reservist in trouble for supporting Ron Paul in uniform at a rally is just one soldier who's gotten behind the Texas congressman's presidential bid.

Other troops — and plenty of them — simply send his campaign cash.

Just as he did in 2008, Paul again has bragging rights when it comes to donors who list military affiliations. The nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics reports that Paul raised nearly $96,000 among military donors from January to September of last year.

That's more than his GOP rivals combined.

Army Cpl. Jesse Thorsen isn't listed as a donor in campaign finance records, but he's become one of Paul's most notable supporters. The 28-year-old reservist wore his uniform while speaking at an Iowa rally, which is against military policy.