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Ravell Call, Deseret News
Weber County Sheriff Terry Thompson wears black on his badge.

Our community has been rocked by the shooting of our officers in Ogden the night of January 4. I say "our" officers because officers of the law watch out for us all, whether in a jurisdiction or not.

I want all officers and troopers in our state to know that they are appreciated. They get up and head to their shifts when the rest of us are unaware of them. They do the everyday duties, every traffic stop, every domestic call; they know there is danger, and they respond willingly. They go to training every week wanting to know more and work hard to be as prepared as possible.

Many volunteer for special duty on task forces, gang units or SWAT teams because they want to do more. Their families send them off to work with a prayer for their safe return. I just hope that all of us will take a little more time to think about them. To pray for them. To thank them when we see them.

We owe them so much more than what we give them in their small paychecks.

Gayle Higgins

South Jordan