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Armada de Chile, Associated Press
In this Dec. 2011 handout photo released by Amada de Chile, U.S. sailor Thomas Louis Corogin is seen on deck of his boat days before sail, in the bay of Easter Island, Chile. The 84-year American making his seventh attempt to sail alone around the tip of South America was found tired but alive by the Chilean Navy on Wednesday after his mast broke. The Chilean Navy located Corogin on his 32-foot sailboat more than 520 miles or 850 kilometers, south of Easter Island, stranded but in relatively stable weather, with ocean swells of about 15 feet or 5 meters.

SANTIAGO, Chile — A Japanese merchant ship has picked up an 84-year-old Ohioan who was trying for the seventh time to sail alone around the tip of South America.

Thomas Louis Corogin was awaiting evacuation by the Chilean navy on Thursday.

He was in good health after being plucked from his 32-foot sailboat on Wednesday more than 520 miles south of Easter Island, the navy said.

He's a lawyer who runs a small marina in Port Clinton in Ohio.

Corogin set sail from Easter Island on Dec. 27. He activated his emergency beacon Tuesday morning.

The merchant ship the White Kingdom rescued the sailor Wednesday night. A Navy helicopter with a medical team is expected to land on the ship and pick him up Saturday morning, the navy said.