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The U.S. Supreme Court building is seeing during the sunset through a window from the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Monday, Dec. 19, 2011.

For nearly 1,000 days, our Congress has refused to send a budget to the president. Sen. Harry Reid has bottled it up. Our president submitted an unrealistic and irresponsible budget that failed to garner any support in the Senate.

Soon, our president will want the Congress to increase our national credit card limit to over $16.1 trillion, exceeding our GDP. It is likely Congress will enable this to happen automatically so that they don't have to take a stand and they can evade accountability. In any event, the spending by our government is unsustainable and will lead to further hardships for our citizens and our nation.

As I see it, congress is willfully bankrupting our country. At best, this is dereliction of duty.

Andrew Howard