Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby, the veteran stand-up comedian, is well-known for routines that highlight the obvious hilarity of everything from eating chocolate cake for breakfast to conversing with a mouth full of novocaine.

However, he isn't afraid to expose the lighter side of more serious subjects, including the Bible. In the early 1960s he used Noah from the book of Genesis as the subject of one of his now-famous routines, and in his new book, I Didnt Ask to Be Born (But Im Glad I Was), he draws on the story of Adam and Eve.

In a Religion News Service article by Adelle M. Banks, Cosby shares a few of these Biblically-based jokes and also talks about his own religious beliefs.

"For his part, Cosby identifies with both the Methodist and Baptist branches of his family tree, and writes that he believes in and fears God. But, when it comes to living out his faith, he calls himself more of an 'absentee voter,' according to the Religion News Service article.

Cosby also comments on the valuable teachings of the Bible and his support of Tim Tebow's demonstrations of faith on the field.

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