Jessie L. Bonne, Associated Press
In this Oct. 20, 2011 photo, the execution chamber at the Idaho Maximum Security Institution is shown in Boise, Idaho.

In a recent paper, there was an article about it costing the State of Idaho $53,000 to perform the execution of a person who was found guilty in 1987 of murdering three individuals ("Execution cost Idaho $53K, prison officials say" Dec. 31).

Nowhere in the article did it say how much it cost Idaho to house this inmate for the last 24 years, following his conviction, or what is wrong with a justice system that it takes 24 years to carry out a court-ordered execution of a man found guilty of multiple murders.

Whatever it cost Idaho, one thing is for sure, they will no longer need to pay thousands of dollars each year for room and board for this individual, and justice has finally been satisfied, as best it can be, for the families of the individuals that were killed by this man.

Wayne Frandsen

Woodland Hills