Dutton, Associated Press
This image released by Dutton shows the book cover for "The Hunter," by John Lescroart. San Francisco private investigator Wyatt Hunt returns in “The Hunter,” another fantastic thrill ride from Lescroart.

"The Hunter: a Novel" (Dutton), by John Lescroart: San Francisco private investigator Wyatt Hunt returns in "The Hunter," another fantastic thrill ride from author John Lescroart.

Hunt, who was adopted, has never searched for his birthparents. Then one night, he receives a text message from an unknown number: "How did your mother die?"

With the help of his investigative team, Hunt learns that his mother was murdered.

Then he starts having memory flashes of seeing her dead body on the floor.

The search for answers about his mother's death leads to a horrible truth: His biological father was accused of her murder. After two mistrials, his father disappeared.

Hunt must dig through years of secrets to try and solve his mother's murder, and someone doesn't want the truth to become known. That person will do anything, even kill again, to keep the past hidden.

Lescroart continues to write thrillers that hit it out of the park. Hunt is a great character, and the personal insight into what makes him tick makes "The Hunter" not only the best Wyatt Hunt novel yet, but also one of Lescroart's best.