SAN ANTONIO — The Jazz's Georgia Tech guys weren't overly distraught the Yellow Jackets got stung in overtime by the Utah football team.

In fact, Jazz broadcaster Matt Harpring, who used to play football, and second-year big Derrick Favors both missed the game.

Favors knew the game was on, but he took a nap to rest up for Saturday's game against the Spurs. The Jazz didn't land in San Antonio until 3 a.m. CT.

But the 20-year-old, who played one season of Georgia Tech hoops, was a graceful loser.

"Awww," Favors said when hearing the Utes rallied for a 30-27 win. "Well, I can't be mad, can't be mad. At least it's Utah, right?"

Incidentally, there was another Jazz connection with a college team that lost to a Utah squad. C.J. Miles' younger brother, Cameron, played in San Diego's 88-52 West Coast Conference loss at BYU on Saturday.