A national coalition of mayors wants websites that advertise gun sales to make sure they aren\'t inadvertently promoting illegal activity.

This is in response to a recent article on online gun sales ("Mayors eye tighter rules for online gun sales," Dec. 15). I think should continue to have a firearms section.

I do not have a computer, so I don't have access to online gun sales. I don't believe there is a major problem with it though. There will always be some who will do things illegally, but most people are not so inclined.

It is widely known that Mayor Michael Bloomberg is conducting a witch hunt against guns and gun owners. His goal is to nullify our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. I personally would not believe or trust anything he says about guns without absolute and irrefutable proof of his claims, which I would bet he can't or won't provide.

Thomas R. Tischner

Salt Lake City