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In this file photo taken June 20, 2007, driller Garry Sayer watches as floor hand Derek Lindskov and senior floor hand Tom Acdea, right, of Trinity Exploration fight to maneuver the drill clamp on a coal-bed methane rig outside of Wyarno, Wyo.

Rebekah Wilbur ("Pipeline dangers," Readers' Forum, Dec. 29) has concluded that the Keystone pipeline project is too risky. I contend that everything in life is risky, even just walking out on the street.

Years ago, when the first dams were being built to produce hydroelectric power, there were people who were really afraid that the danger of dams breaking and causing floods was too risky.

But America need jobs, and we need more petroleum in order to get out from under the thumbs of the Middle East oil cartels. Oil is an essential ingredient in so many aspects of our lives that we should use every possibility of getting it closer to home.

In fact, what we should do above everything else is develop the oil fields under northern Montana and North Dakota. We need to get out from under the thumbs of the negative environmentalists and use our domestic oil supplies.

Russell Bender