Ravell Call, Deseret News
SkiLink would connect Canyons ski resort to Solitude, shown above.

Several days ago, I drove up to Solitude ski resort, strapped on my snowshoes and headed north across the Big Cottonwood Canyon (BCC) highway following a well-packed cross country ski trail that passes through the public-forest land slated for the proposed SkiLink gondola or tramway between the Canyons and Solitude winter resorts.

Contrary to what some people say about how the area is already pocked with mine dumps, power lines, roads and other developments, I saw no such intrusions, except for the narrow trail I was traveling on that appeared to be an old road for the first mile.

When I got on top of the main ridge dividing BCC from the Park City environs, I looked down toward the northeast at the myriad roads, ski runs, lift towers, summer/winter mansions, etc. that make up the mega-complex of development that Talisker Corporation already owns and operates.

Why does Talisker think it needs to expand, and why do they expect the public to give up a wonderful piece of pristine backcountry for the benefit of wealthy ski area patrons and owners? I'm hoping the public can see through this whole proposal as nothing but a greedy land grab.

James W. Thompson

Salt Lake City