Charles Krupa, Associated Press
Republican presidential candidate former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney pays Allan Lowe for diesel after pumping fuel into his campaign bus during a stop in Randolph, N.H., Thursday Dec. 22, 2011. Lowe is also the Randolph police chief.

TILTON, N.H. — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says the president and vice president are living in "fantasyland" if they think the economy is getting better.

Romney was responding to an opinion piece by Vice President Joe Biden in Friday's Des Moines Register. Biden argued that the economic policies Romney wants to pursue as president would help the wealthy and leave some in the middle class behind.

Speaking in New Hampshire less than two weeks before voting begins in Iowa, Romney said Biden and President Barack Obama don't "understand from fantasyland what it's like in real America."

Romney says Obama's policies have made it harder for entrepreneurs to start businesses and create jobs.