Douglas C. Pizac, AP
Deedee Corradini, former mayor of Salt Lake City and Salt Lake Organizing Committee board member, listens during a SLOC's board meeting, in this Sept. 18, 2002 file photo, in Salt Lake City.

In Amanda Dickson's column titled, "An educated mother is an invaluable gift to mankind" (Dec. 12), she quoted former Salt Lake City mayor Deedee Corradini as saying, "If your husband is educated and you're not, what are you going to talk about?" My husband has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree. I have a high school diploma. We converse regularly on not only everyday life issues, but we frequently discuss theology, current events, and politics.

Though he is highly "educated" and I am not, I consider myself quite his equal. Furthermore, the implication of the headline of the article would be that an uneducated mother is of little or no value to mankind. This should be offensive to every woman who chooses not to attend college for whatever reason.

Rebecca Miller