LOS ANGELES _ A federal judge has ruled that there is enough evidence to justify extraditing a former "Survivor" TV show producer to Mexico to face trial in his wife's slaying.

Bruce Beresford-Redman is charged with killing his wife, Monica, while on holiday in Cancun. Her body was found in a sewer at the resort hotel where the couple was vacationing with their children in April 2010.

The couple had allegedly argued at the hotel about his infidelities, and other hotel guests reported hearing loud noises and cries for help coming from the room.

In July, a U.S. magistrate judge ruled there was probable cause to extradite Beresford-Redman to Mexico.

The producer, who maintains he is innocent, asked U.S. District Court Judge Philip S. Gutierrez to overturn the decision, saying there was not enough evidence to constitute probable cause for extradition.

Gutierrez denied the request Wednesday, citing "pages upon pages of competent evidence demonstrating that the fugitive committed the offense for which extradition was sought."

"The Certification (of Extraditability) summarizes the infidelity, fighting, screaming from the hotel room, the fugitive's opportunity to dispose of the victim's body, the ultimate location of the victim's body (25 meters from the hotel room), the victim leaving her cellphone behind, scratches and abrasions upon the fugitive's body, and the fugitive's flight. All of this evidence points to homicide committed by the fugitive," he wrote.

The defense team could still file a petition with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn the decision. Otherwise, the U.S. State Department will make the ultimate decision on the extradition request.