Utah State football coach Gary Andersen is an Aggie for life — whether he wants to be or not.

After his team got its bowl bid this month, he honored a promise to the team by getting a tattoo on his back. Running back Robert Turbin told the media it was a Potato Bowl logo.

Not so, said Andersen. It was actually a USU logo.

Too bad. If he started inking himself with bowl logos, he maybe could sell the space to AutoZone, Tostitos, Hyundai, Chick-fil-A or even Allstate.

Better yet, why not sell the naming rights to himself?

"We have some tremendous young men on our team," said Chevy Trucks/Makita Tools coach Gary Andersen.


Andersen acknowledged his new tattoo but declined to show it to reporters.

Rock On is wondering if that's because he actually did get a Potato Bowl tattoo, but was embarrassed because the designer spelled it with an "e."

Hey, it could happen. His own name is spelled with an e, not an o.

Dan Quayle. Paging Mr. Dan Quayle.


Andersen visited the tattoo shop in Salt Lake two Sundays ago, settling on one his wife found via a Google search.

The guy's name, according to Andersen, was Buzz.

Just wondering: Is it possible his tattoo artist is also his barber?


Charles Barkley has been named a spokesman for Weight Watchers.

First, the Dutchess of York, then Sir Charles.

What is it with Weight Watchers, always going with high-class royals to push their product?


President Barack Obama recently attended the Army-Navy football game, spending half the game on one sideline, half on the other.

Sources say he actually tried convincing fans he was somewhere in the middle.

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