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My heart pretty much fell out," Annette Dopp told KSL. "They said they were OK. Then (came), you know, that feeling when your heart drops and you're like, 'Oh, my gosh. What do we do now?'

SANTAQUIN — A Santaquin man who won a new rare Lamborghini enjoyed the expensive sports car for six hours — before he wrecked it.

Inside a gated fence at Alexander’s towing in Santaquin, you can find a Honda, a Toyota, a Ford and a $380,000 Lamborghini Murcielago.

“I couldn’t believe I won it,” said David Dopp, a Santaquin resident who won the car in a Maverik “Joe Schmo to Lambo” contest recently.

This past Saturday, the car was given to him during a ceremony at the Santaquin Maverik convenience store.

“Yeah, I got it on Saturday and I wrecked it on Saturday,” said Dopp, forcing a half smile.

Dopp was one of thousands to enter the contest. During halftime of a BYU football game on Nov. 12, he was one of 10 finalists on the field. That’s when it was announced he had won the car.

After he received the keys to the vehicle, he started giving lots of rides to family and friends. He also took a lot of pictures.

"It was kind of weird seeing a more expensive car than a house sitting in the same spot,” said Dopp. “Usually, you see these sitting outside of mansions, not outside a little house here in Santaquin."

Only six hours later, though, came the crash.

"We were coming up a hill, going around a corner, and as soon as we came up the hill, we either hit some black ice or loose gravel or something, and all of a sudden, we just started spinning," said Dopp. “We ended up in a field, and I back-ended a couple of fence posts.”

The car also has a little front-end damage, a puncture in the wheel, and scratches all along the passenger side.

But for as terrible as he felt about wrecking his new $380,000 car, Dopp was even more terrified to call his wife, Annette. So he asked his buddy to do it.

"My heart pretty much fell out,” she said when she got the call. “They said they were OK, then (came), you know, that feeling when your heart drops and you're like, ‘Oh my gosh. What do we do now?’"

The car couldn’t be driven, so Dopp called a towing company to pick it up.

The good news in all of this is that Dopp has insurance on the car. It was one of the contest requirements before he could take the keys.

“That’s what insurance is for,” David Dopp said.

The car was taken to a Las Vegas body shop Wednesday to be fixed. While there was no word yet on how much fixes are going to cost, it's sure to be in the thousands of dollars.

Dopp, who also won $5,000 worth of driving lessons at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele County, says he'll be more careful next time.

"It's going to be all nice and pretty here in a couple of months, I’m sure," he said.