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Joe Epstein, Associated Press
A firefighter walks along the northbound lanes of Interstate 287 looking for pieces of a small plane that crashed Tuesday morning, Dec. 20, 2011 on Interstate 287 in Harding, N.J. Two New York City investment bankers are among the five dead in the small plane crash, which left debris on the highway and local streets, forcing the police to close the highway to conduct their investigation. The FAA says the plane departed Teterboro Airport for DeKalb Peachtree Airport near Atlanta Tuesday when there was a garbled transmission and it disappeared from the radar.

MORRIS TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Federal investigators are resuming their search for wreckage from a fiery plane crash that killed five people in northern New Jersey on Tuesday.

The single-engine plane was carrying two investment bankers and three others from New Jersey to Georgia when it crashed on Route 287. All five people were killed along with a dog that was on board.

An audio recording of air traffic controllers talking to the pilot revealed they warned about icing conditions up to 17,000 feet. Investigators say the plane had requested clearance to climb to 17,500 feet before it spun out of control and crashed.

Witnesses said the plane looked as though it was performing aerobatic tricks.

Killed were investment bankers Jeffrey Buckalew and Rakesh Chawla as well as Buckalew's wife and two children.