Mario Tama, Associated Press
U.S. Army National Guard soldiers prepare to depart in a Medevac helicopter to assist the last convoy of U.S. military from Iraq at Camp Adder, now known as Imam Ali Base, on Saturday Dec. 17, 2011, near Nasiriyah, Iraq.

In many countries today, the sight of a member of the armed forces dressed in battle fatigues running down the street carrying a large flag would terrify them. I witnessed this Sunday as I drove along 200 South by the Post Office. The man was carrying a large American flag. At the red light he continued running in step, and to all who acknowledged him, he saluted in return.

If this was to honor those returning from Iraq and those who have given their lives for the cause, he should be acknowledged. God bless our military and their families.

Cheryl T. Barney

Salt Lake City