Robert F. Bukaty, Associated Press
In this Dec. 16, 2011 photo, Dr. Doug Farrago poses in his office in Auburn, Maine. Farrago, the doctor who created the humorous Placebo Journal 10 years ago, is now launching a new endeavor aimed at helping frustrated doctors not only laugh but to become better at pushing back against insurers and bureaucrats to be better doctors.

AUBURN, Maine — A Maine doctor who gave fellow physicians a laugh or two over the years has ceased publication of his humor magazine. But Doug Farrago (fuh-RAY'-goh) isn't going away.

The creator of the tongue-in-cheek Placebo Journal is continuing his journey from humorist to activist. Farrago, who's from Auburn, says he plans to use a new website to sharpen his attacks on red tape, bureaucracy and other things that come between doctors and their patients.

Farrago says physicians are getting steamrolled by drug companies, insurers and medical malpractice lawyers that he says compose a "medical Axis of Evil."

As for the Placebo Journal, Farrago points out that "Seinfeld" lasted for nine years, so shouldn't be ashamed after ceasing publication last month after 10 years.