NAVAJO MOUNTAIN — A Utah high school basketball player was transported by medical helicopter after collapsing on the bench at halftime Friday night.

The game between Pinnacle and Navajo Mountain was called at halftime after a player, whose name has yet to be released, for Navajo Mountain remained unconscious for 40 minutes.

Paramedics responded on the scene and immediately attached the boy to an EKG monitor, and proceeded to transport him via helicopter to the nearest hospital.

"We came out of the locker room at halftime and he's laying on the floor by his bench and we kind of sat there for a minute," said Pinnacle coach Andrew Olson. "I realized it was pretty serious, (so) I walked over to see if he was OK."

The player was showing symptoms of illness, prompting him to lie on the court for relief.

"They tried talking to him, and he just passed out laying there. He had a strong pulse, but he wasn't conscious. They said he was responding but didn't have any movement in his hands. (The paramedics) said he was catching a cold (that he wasn't aware of) and was dehydrated and wasn't getting enough electrolytes and just passed out."

The JV Girls game scheduled after the varsity game was cancelled.

"We told (Navajo Mountain) to let us know (about his condition)," said Olson. "We're going to call the school tomorrow."

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