August Miller, Deseret News archives
Sen. Bob Bennett makes a point while talking to delegates prior to the start of the GOP State Convention at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City.

I have read so much in this paper of hand-wringing over the state GOP caucus system that eliminated Bob Bennett and Olene Walker or thinking that convention delegates were manipulated by political thieves.

The problem for the liberal end of the GOP is that unprincipled governance has finally motivated and got the people involved. Delegates selected by the neighborhood meetings are far more informed than the general populace.

RINO's were happy with the caucus system when they had control. Now that they are losing control, they would prefer a primary election where the well meaning and less informed voters can be easily controlled by the high priced campaigning and media support of the GOP checkered pants good-old-boys that gave us our past governors and Legislature.

Bruce B. Allen

Salt Lake City