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Firefighters remove a tarp from the remains of a small aircraft that crashed in the front yard of a home Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011 in Scottsdale, Ariz. Authorities say one person is dead and another seriously injured after a small plane crashed in the front yard of a northeast Phoenix home.

PHOENIX — A small plane that crashed into the yard of a northeast Phoenix home has been hauled away after federal investigators finished their initial examination of the wreckage.

National Transportation Safety Board investigator Wayne Pollack says he'll examine the engine and control components of the Cirrus SR22 on Saturday.

He also hopes to talk to the survivor of the crash. The 60-year-old pilot was killed but his name hasn't been released. The plane was registered to Frank M. Smith and Associates in Pinetop.

Pollack says witnesses reported the Cirrus was flying "low and slow" following an executive jet but was not close to the other plane. The NTSB will look at whether the pilot hit wake turbulence from the jet, simply stalled the aircraft or lost control for some other reason.