After my son went on his mission to Baguio in the Philippines, he became very ill. Of course this caused my wife and me a lot of concern. That coupled with other illnesses in the family, business reversals, serving as bishop of our ward and other pressures — our busy lives gave us plenty to worry about!

With this weighing heavily on our minds we set out to fly to a wedding for one of our other children. We flew from Eureka, Calif., to San Francisco where we were to change planes to fly to Las Vegas and then drive to St. George for the wedding. At the San Francisco airport I noticed a group of missionaries standing across the terminal and wandered over to say hello.

When I asked them where they were from they said they were coming home from the Baguio Philippines Mission. I got very excited and said I had a son in that mission. When I told them my name they said they had just left Elder Childers that morning. One of the elders took me aside and said he had been Elder Childers' district leader and not to worry – Elder Childers was doing fine. As the tears flowed I ran to tell my wife.

You can imagine our relief and our gratitude to our Heavenly Father for this great blessing. I am grateful for the tender mercies of our Father in Heaven that allowed a few of us to meet under such unusual conditions to ease the burden on my wife and I. We are grateful that God knows who we are.

Chuck Childers is from Samoa, Calif.