Kevin Conde, West Valley City
A West Valley Police officer holds the hand of a woman under a UTA bus who was hit on Monday, Dec. 12, 2011.

I recently read the article "'I told her I would stay,' says officer who crawled under bus to comfort pinned victim" (Dec. 14). I experienced a feeling of respect and appreciation for those men and women who protect us 24 hours a day.

They go the extra mile on a daily basis to insure that we are safe. This is just one example in print; so many others go unreported. I am grateful that this headline and subsequent story show Kevin Peck going the extra mile to give comfort and aid to Aryann Smith, who was suffering excruciating pain.

That simple hand held until help could arrive exemplifies the best of a noble profession. May we as citizens the next time we see law enforcement personnel shake their hand and say thank you for all that they do for us. Perhaps it would be nice if we do this to all of those who in any way provide assistance; policeman, fireman, military, etc. I am sure they would appreciate it.

Tom Kerr

West Jordan