Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
Rep. Jason Chaffetz

Rep. Jason Chaffetz has dared to touch the third rail of politics by proposing legislation which would return Social Security to sustainability. In my mind, this makes him a rising star shining even brighter.

He recognizes that unfunded entitlements amount to a burden of more than $1 million for each taxpayer and that they are key to solving our long-term debt problems. Social Security is a significant part of this problem. It is possible that enacting this proposal into law could be the trigger to restoring our AAA credit rating and renewing real optimism about America's future.

He conditions introducing his bill to Congress on having both Democrat and Republican cosponsors. While others are talking the talk, Chaffetz is walking the walk. It is time for Rep. Jim Matheson and Reb. Rob Bishop to join in this journey. We will then have three courageous and truly patriotic Utah congressmen and hopefully a solution to Social Security's unsustainability.

Scot Wallace

West Valley City