JOHNSTON, R.I. — The mayor of a Rhode Island town is suing the state's main landfill over noxious odors that have plagued residents for months.

Johnston Mayor Joseph Polisena filed the lawsuit Wednesday. It seeks an immediate end to the smell and monetary damages for the suffering of townspeople. The lawsuit names as defendants the agency overseeing the landfill and an energy company that converts landfill gas into energy.

Polisena says residents have waited patiently for the odors to improve. They have complained for weeks about a rotten-egg smell that can be detected miles away. Complaints also have come from Attleboro, Mass.

The Resource Recovery Corp. manages the landfill. It has blamed the smell on heavy rains.

Its executive director says the agency has installed dozens of new vents to collect gas and dumped tons of soil to cover portions of the landfill to eliminate the smell.