Damon Winter, The New York Times
When it's cold enough outside to prompt you to suit up in your own winter coat for a walk, help your dog stay warm with his own coat or sweater. But don?t stay out too long: Even when they wear extra layers, dogs can still catch a chill.

This summer I wrote a letter pleading with people to be aware of dogs left in a hot car ("Protecting animals," Readers' Forum, July 1). I personally heard a customer go up to the service desk and have the owner of an animal paged. They had carelessly left their dog inside a car while they shopped.

Now, people are leaving their animals outside to freeze to death in the cold. I contribute to the Humane Society, but they cannot be everywhere and save every animal. Neighbors, or someone passing by, if you see a dog outside with no shelter or a box with no hay or blankets or something covering the entrance to the dog house, please contact someone who will help immediately.

Animals cannot help themselves, and it is up to all of us to guard against animal cruelty.

Claudette Kay

West Jordan