Deseret News
A proposal for a gondola that would connect Canyons ski resort to Solitude has been officially unveiled by resort officials, Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011. Solitude is at the center of this photo.

Rainer Huck ("Allow SkiLink,: Readers' Forum, Dec. 8) labels opponents of SkiLink as elitists. So low-impact winter and summer users of canyon backcountry are elitists, but skiers whose access requires tree-clearing, maintenance roads and high-priced lift tickets are not?

Huck also accuses SkiLink opponents of costing the economy of Utah untold billions in unrealized revenue. Meanwhile the outdoor retail organization has questioned whether it should continue to bring its lucrative buying shows to Salt Lake City while Utah's leaders continue to favor development over the preservation of wild areas.

The move by most of Utah's congressional delegation to order the sale of federal land for the proposed ski-connect supports the outdoor retailers' contention. Eventually the state's leaders may in fact succeed in driving the outdoor retailers away. This would be a significant economic loss to both Salt Lake City and the state of Utah. Huck speaks of the millions who want to ski right next to a big city. At the same time, Salt Lake is a unique city given its proximity to undeveloped mountain areas.

The proposed SkiLink will further erode that uniqueness and negatively impact one of the significant benefits of living in the highly urbanized Wasatch Front.

Ray Diehl