Last week a windstorm devastated Centerville City and many other areas of Davis County. The damage, which reached into the millions of dollars, astounded those of us who witnessed it first-hand. But the truly astounding events took place in the days following the once-in-a-decade windstorm.

The Occupy Wall Street crowd could learn some valuable lessons from what happened in Centerville. Instead of trashing the city parks, Centerville residents came together to remove fallen trees, fix fences and clean up a mess that wasn't made by them.

Instead of waiting for the federal government to bail them out, Centerville citizens rushed to the aid of their neighbors and friends with chain saws, axes and pickup trucks. Instead of singing songs about stringing up innocent civilians, Centerville families rolled up their sleeves and got to work. Instead of whining about the "1 percent," Centerville residents gave a 110 percent. Instead of sowing fear and hatred, Centerville neighbors spread good will and love.

I'm proud to live in Centerville.

Jennifer Beckstrand