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Elaine Thompson, Associated Press
In this photo shot Monday, Dec. 5, 2011, the electric meters of a formerly boarded-up duplex are covered with graffiti from members of an Occupy Seattle group that took over the house in Seattle. Following tactics by Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in Seattle, Portland and Oakland, protesters across the country are staging "Occupy Homes" actions nationally to try to stop foreclosures.

SEATTLE — The Occupy Wall Street protests are moving into the neighborhood.

Occupy protesters across the country are reclaiming foreclosed homes and boarded-up properties as they find it increasingly difficult to camp in public spaces.

Groups in more than 25 cities held protests Tuesday on behalf of homeowners facing evictions.

In Atlanta, protesters attempted to disrupt an auction of seized homes. New York protesters rallied outside a Brooklyn foreclosed house and said a group of homeless people were going to move in to the building.

The events reflect the protesters' lingering frustration over the housing crisis that has sent millions of homes into foreclosure after the burst of the housing bubble.