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Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah

Many people in Utah have recently taken up the toga and begun philosophizing about the proper role of government. What has been interesting to me, though, is the result of this question. It has resulted in Sen. Bob Bennett's retirement and even some who would have the same fate for Sen. Orrin Hatch.

These people seem to think the answer to this ancient question is that government should be inexperienced. To all of those who would unseat Hatch because of his experience, I would suggest they reconsider.

We need people in Washington right now who know what they are doing, have the seniority to get things done and have a track record for fighting against big spending. Hatch is currently in that position because he will become the chairman of the Finance Committee.

Being chairman would give Hatch so much influence over the major fiscal issues our country faces like taxes, Obamacare and reforming entitlement programs. If Dan Liljenquist were to get into office, the only influence he would have would be a single vote. This would do little to accomplish the goal of reducing federal spending and the government's enormous debt. Let's think strategically, Utah. Don't waste our big chance.

Jared Rowley

Salt Lake City