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Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
The University of Utah's Josh Watkins shoots over Montana State's Tre Johnson in a mens basketball game at the Huntsman Center in Salt Lake City on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011.

Q: You grew up in New York City, played JC ball in Texas and are playing in Utah now. Are you happy with your decision to come here to play college basketball?

A: Oh yeah, it was a great decision to come to Utah. We have great coaches and great players helping me to get better every day. The adjustment was easy because I get along with everybody well. This is an easy environment to adapt to — the people are respectful and the fans love you and I love them for that.

Q: A lot of your teammates from last year decided to transfer and go elsewhere, but you decided to stick it out here with a new coaching staff and an almost new team. Can you talk about that decision?

A: I was always taught to be loyal when I was younger, so when I signed here, I signed to end my career here and not to transfer when things go wrong. I gave coach (Krystkowiak) a chance and the fans helped me make a big decision to stay and I felt this was the right decision. We have a good coaching staff and a lot of great players here. I'm a Utah man for life — it's in my blood now.

Q: With all the new players, you've had to become the team's main scorer and are averaging over 20 points a game. How has that been an adjustment for you as a point guard?

A: It's not a big adjustment. In junior college I was a one guard and two guard like I am here and I was told to score more, so it's something that I'm used to and it helps me and my team also. I love being able to score and make the assists. When the other team thinks they have you figured out, you give the next guy the ball.

Q: You have almost an entirely new team this year. What do you expect for the rest of the season?

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A: People don't expect much, but I expect us to go far because we've got a lot of hard-working guys and so many different pieces to this puzzle. It's going to take time, we know that, because we're a new team. But it's starting to come together and we feel we're going to make a run in the Pac-12. I've been an underdog my whole life, I love being an underdog.

Q: Do you have any special talents or hobbies besides basketball?

A: I like to sing. My teammates say I'm always singing. I like R&B, you know, Chris Brown, the up and coming stuff. I can also do some old school stuff like the Temptations. I just like to hang out with my teammates — we go bowling or out to movies and we all do that as a family.