During the Utes' recent football game vs. Colorado, I suffered from extreme disappointment in the way Utah played and lost. This feeling persisted through the evening.

On Saturday, I decided to look at this season as a whole and put this game in its proper perspective. So what have the Utes accomplished this year? They joined a real, big-time college football conference, a first for them. They beat BYU 54-10.

Later, when they were at rock bottom, they beat four Pac-12 teams in a row, four formidable opponents and came within two missed field goals of qualifying for the Pac-12 inaugural championship game. Therefore, they won't be going to the Rose Bowl (in August nobody really thought they would anyway). They will, however, represent the Pac-12 in a bowl game, their ninth in a row. Congratulations and thanks to the Utes for a great season.

Elmer C. Newman