I was interested in the article in the paper about Lake Powell pipeline needing funding ("Lake Powell pipeline funding clears 1 hurdle," Nov. 14). I am writing this as a voice of warning to the outlying counties. Beware of those who deceive, lie and, ultimately, steal the water from you. You may be sold a bill of goods through idle promises.

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Those promoting the plan may even tell you that the water will be better utilized in a very small reservoir to help preserve the June Sucker Fish. They will tell you: "You have plenty of water. We will put in an eight-foot-diameter pipe to help you use the water you have. We will also put a high water system to be utilized at high water seasons to put water under ground in nature's aquifers so you will have more well water. However, the 42,000 acre feet of water we promised you, and which you have been paying for, will never happen. The Sucker Fish, in the Mona reservoir, will get some of the water."

This scenario is a true story. Sanpete and Juab citizens can tell you about the lies and deceit that have gone on between the Central Utah Water Project and the two counties. It is not about money; it is about water. We have been suckered.

Leonard Trauntvein