Rio Tinto Stadium announced last Thursday the Top of the Mountains Bowl would be held on Dec. 3, featuring Eastern Arizona and Snow College.

But two minutes later, Rio Tinto sent a second release, recalling the announcement.

Apparently the details hadn't been finalized.

Finally, they got the deal done on Monday and issued a third press release.

Kinda makes you wonder what was up. One minute it's all systems go, two minutes later it's not. That sounds familiar …

Oh, yeah, like the Cherry Bowl.


Deseret News reporter Dirk Facer noted last week that the Utes were 3-0 (now 4-0) since several players started wearing "rally mustaches."

"It's cosmic," coach Kyle Whittingham said.

Whittingham's wife wouldn't let him go all Jim Croce, but sources say he secretly plans to hire Tom Selleck as his next offensive coordinator.


Aredale, Iowa, has elected 18-year-old high school senior Jeremy Minnier as its mayor.

Seems the town's 73 residents felt they were being ignored so they voted him in as a write-in candidate.

Rock On sources say Minnier promised that if elected he would buy iPads for everyone in town and move the Hornets there from New Orleans.


Speaking of New Orleans, the Superdome has changed its name to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Sounds a little uppity to Rock On.

On the other hand, naming it the Chevy Aveo Superdome doesn't really work, does it?


Tennis player Andy Murray withdrew from a tournament last week after straining his right buttock — in his sleep.

Of course, weird sports injuries are fairly common. Long-ago pitcher Denny McLain reportedly dislocated four toes while sleeping. Other alleged baseball injuries: Terry Harper dislocating his shoulder waving in a runner, Charlie Hough breaking his finger shaking hands, Sammy Sosa straining his back while sneezing and Joe Zumaya injuring his arm playing Guitar Hero.

Heaven knows what might have happened if any of them had played football.


Former Fiesta Bowl COO Natalie Wisneski has been indicted on charges of federal campaign finance and conspiracy, filing false income tax returns for the bowl game, and wearing a Fiesta Bowl blazer in a restaurant.

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